What PHP Developers Can Build

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What PHP Developers Can BuildPHP stands as a recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a commonly used open source scripting language. It is also executed on the server and easy to download and use. PHP contains text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code and files usually have the extension “.php”. It is deep and powerful enough to be the foundation of the biggest blogging system on the web (WordPress) and yes, powerful enough to help run the largest social network in the world (Facebook). Here are 4 of the many other fantastic functions that PHP developers can execute:

  1. Server-side scripting

Server-side scripting in web development is a technique which employs scripts on a web server to allow the server to produce a customized response for each user’s request to the website. The following things are required to perform this function: the PHP parser, a web server and a web browser. The web server must run with a connected PHP installation. Developers can also use a web browser to access the PHP program output which will allow the

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Website Funnel Building Software

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Website Funnel Building SoftwareIt seems like the major talk of the town lately is all about website funnel building software programs.

Every time you turn around there is seemingly a new product being created that will help people get their websites or their marketing funnels set up.

So how important is it to have a funnel building software program? Do you even need one?

And why are they so popular right now?

What is a Funnel?

When it comes to online marketing (meaning you are marketing any type of product or service using the internet) there will be a sequence of steps the customer takes from start to finish.

Each of these steps or pages that they land on are all pages in the entire funnel.

So the term “funnel” refers to each page in the buying sequence.

Examples of Funnels

A classic example of a common webpage funnel would be:

  • Opt-in or landing page, which leads to
  • Thank you page, which leads to
  • Sales page or Video Sales Letter

So in this

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Freelance Web Designing

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Freelance Web DesigningAbout a year ago I lost my permanent Job as a senior manager in the Automotive industry. When I left the company I was confident that I knew exactly what I was doing from that day onwards. I always had a passion for anything that involved the Web or Technology. Now after years of jumping from one unsatisfactory career path to another I was finally going to do what I Loved! I was going to conquer the Web and spend my days in front of my laptop achieving this, while still enjoying the freedom of spending time with my family.

Everything I know about design and tech is self-taught, but passion guided me to finally do what needed to be done. Web design is a very unique profession. Unlike other career choices, a web designer doesn’t really need any formal training. The very nature of the internet and the myriad of advanced software available, itself makes it easier to become a self-taught guru of design.

There’s a sense of achievement and freedom that comes from being self-taught. And,


How is life as a Content Writer

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What most people think about Content Writing is that it is a creative and fascinating profession in which you don’t ly9have to be hooked to a brick and mortar office every day on a regular schedule. Making money while working from remote location is a trend now-a-days in IT jobs and most of the other office jobs following this trend but Content Writing is a little different from these jobs. So, what most people don’t know is that it’s a very challenging profession where you need to constantly engage a vast set of audience with interesting and power packed content. Content writers are the biggest influencers who persuade potential customers about brands. They also increase the knowledge and the awareness level of their audience. We would like to take you through some essential features of the life of the Content Writer.

  1. Ideation

Ideation is biggest essential of a Content Writer’s life. He cannot thrive without ideation. He has to look for constant source of inspiration from different things in his vicinity and from the different forms of content available so as to create novel content

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Tips To Secure Your Php Web Applications

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Security is the first and foremost concern of almost every developer on this planet. As we live in the world of high-technology, this has countless benefits and some people use it in a wrong manner. Thousands of websites in all over the world get hacked on the daily basis, some of the hackers do this for fun, some for money but all are not bad because some help to find vulnerabilities.

Developing a site which is 100% secure is an impossible task for any developer no matter how experienced he is. But security is something which you cannot ignore and writing secure PHP code won’t protect your web applications. There are so many other things to consider while developing PHP web applications and some of the following tips will help you to secure it.

Start Hashing Passwords: If you want to secure your PHP web applications so always try to use hashing password. This is because hashing password is one of the best and simple techniques to store unreadable passwords in the database. Most of the developers don’t have any idea that hashes, passwords stored in the database will be useless for a hacker even if

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How to Create a Charity Website in Six Easy Steps

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Building a charity website may be considered a child’s play, but launching a grand charity project is something that demands a lot of attention and labor. In the latter case, you will have to take care of many different things right from the beginning. At times, you will also be required to make some investment. For example, you need to purchase a premium theme, WordPress plugins, website domain and hosting, etc. Also you may need to hire coding and SEO experts to assist you in carrying out essential customizations and making the site search engine friendly. Meanwhile, the users are likely to face some unexpected issues from time to time which will require immediate solution. However, if you work according to the directions given below concerning “how to create a charity website”, you’ll be saved from all the hassle.

  1. Purchase Domain & Hosting

While preparing to launch a project, the things to be done initially include deciding a suitable name for it. The same would be true while creating a charity website”. In this case, however, it is the domain name that needs to be chosen. It will serve as the name of your charity

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Grow Your Online Business With The Best Web Development Company

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It was the summer of 2014 and Colin Slater had a lot to feel worried about. He was worried as his sports equipment business was not flourishing the way it should. He had already invested a lot of money in the business and the returns were fairly poor. He had lost all the hope and was about to shut the business till someone suggested him to take the business online. He gave the idea a thought and within a few weeks, he reached online in the hope of reviving a floundering business.

Cut to 2016, Colin is now a happy man as his business is now flourishing. In the last two years or so, he has trusted the online world and the results are here for all to see. He’s now a successful entrepreneur with a business which is growing by the day. He seems to have come very from those troubled days when it looked as if the business would collapse any moment. But thanks to the internet, he scripted a remarkable turnaround and now reaping the rewards.

Colin is just one of those thousands of entrepreneurs who have benefited a lot due to the


Make Your Development Projects More Productive With PHP

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A business will need a well-developed and feature-rich website if it plans to engage successfully with target audience on the internet. The level of engagement depends a lot on the kind and quality of website a business has and thus, it becomes important to look only for dynamic sites. That’s why every web development project should get the benefit of PHP, which is a popular and powerful server-side open source scripting language.

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, enriches websites with a range of powerful features to boost their efficiency and productivity. As it’s simple to read and understand, developers love this programming language and help clients with their specific development projects. It’s not a complex language to handle and rather, it’s clean and organized to delight even beginners. As it gives greater control over websites or other products, more businesses look to leverage it to expand their base and realize their objectives.

More so, PHP is not a kind of programming language that needs long scripts to do some functions. With it, few codes are rather enough to do a task and above all, it gives absolute freedom of editing anything or everything. More so, it helps

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How Do You Find The Best Online Web Hosting Offers

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There are quite a few benefits associated with finding the best web hosting offer. It is important that you take out some time and figure out which company is the best choice for your particular situation. The best way for you to start this research is by finding out what other customers have to say about these web hosting companies. This can be done by reading user reviews about the companies online. These reviews are honest and will give you a perfect idea of what you can expect from web hosting companies.

The correct plan

The first and most important thing for you to do when looking at web hosting offers is to choose the right plan. Plans can vary quite a bit and it is essential that you choose the one which suits you the best. If you are only setting up your website and don’t expect too much traffic then basic plans will be suitable for you. The more you are looking to get out of the plan, the more expensive it will become. With the more expensive plans, you should be able to host more than one website at the same time too.


How Windows Web Hosting Can Help You Save Time And Money

Posted on March 10, 2016 By

There are two types of servers available nowadays, Windows and Linux. Most people choose to go with a Windows server over Linux. This is because it works perfectly with a large number of websites and supports various programming languages such as silver light, asp.net, SQL, etc. There is no hard and fast rule about using Windows hosting if you are on a Windows desktop, but if you do, the compatibility of the application is second to none. After all, you are using a Microsoft product on a Microsoft machine right? This is perhaps why Windows web hosting is considered one of the top choices.

There are quite a few advantages of choosing Windows hosting for your small business. Even if you’re a new owner, Windows hosting makes the most sense since it is quite affordable.

But there are a number of unscrupulous service providers out there who are willing to cut corners in order to offer lower prices and get one up on their competition. Even though you may be tempted by these lower prices, you shouldn’t go in for these offers since they are only going to end up costing you significantly in terms of


Tips In Choosing a Hosting Provider

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If you are among those businesses with various needs such as analytics, marketing, finance, fundraising and relationship management, online marketing, and more, it is such an advantage to opt for web hosting. Now, the next order of business is to choose a company that offers reliable hosting. For hosting services, non-profit organizations have a few key points to consider.

In your search for a company that will provide these hosting services, you need to look for a partner that specializes in the different hosting software. Your chosen partner should give you the control to choose whether you wish to upgrade to a new version or not. Should you choose to upgrade, your partner company should provide you an opportunity to test in a sandbox before fully committing to an upgrade.

It would also be advantageous for your organization to choose a company that uses some of the best third-party software for your hosting. A good host will allow system users to drag and drop files between a local system and a remote system. Additionally, if you want to streamline the workflow of your staff, your host should be able to help set up custom shared folders


Why Having an App for Your Business Is As Important As Having a Website

Posted on February 20, 2016 By

How many times a day do you check your phone, use apps, or send a message? According to Time Magazine, Americans check their cell phones on average 8 billion times per day! In advertising, this would be considered an incredible amount of exposure. What if your business could get that kind of exposure? It can, if you have an app for your business.

Apps for business are the latest trend and are perhaps even more important than having a website. In today’s America, clients want to get services from businesses anywhere and anytime they want. What better way to offer services than from an app? Clients need only to wake their phones from sleep and touch an app to do anything from hiring an electrician to booking tickets to a show. It is a two step process.

With a website, clients must wake their phones from sleep, open a browser, search for a web address, navigate to a contact form, and then they can contact an electrician or book tickets to a show. This does not mean that websites are not important. On the contrary, many people go to their computers to hire services as well.


5 Must Have Web Development Tools You Probably Aren’t Using

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No doubt, being a creative developer means staying on your toes and always learning new things because there is a variety of skills used in development that is constantly changing. There are so many codes, bugs, browser add-ons, plugins and many other tools which are used for website development. These tools will help you to complete your work faster and give you access to the latest techniques.

You might be using great web browsers, but all your efforts will fail if you are not using the tools that give you an edge over the others. Here is a list of top 5 Web Development tools that you should know to excel in your field. Have a look below for more details.

Adobe Edge Inspect: This will help you to create an attractive website that helps to drive more traffic. This is one of the highly recommended tools, which is also used as an alternative to Flash. It allows you to develop mobile-friendly websites in an easy way.

Framework: If you want to create a web application with Java and Scala then no option is better than the Framework. It is really helpful to increase the

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How To Make Drupal Development Successful For Your Startup Business

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With multiple options to create a website, it is vital to choose a platform that offers powerful and flexible features to keep the website running. Today, there is great software that is categorized as CMS and one of the most popular one is Drupal. Beside the fact that the framework is built with PHP and MySQL, it is also an open source platform, which means that it is free to use.

Your chief target of building a website is to attract a base of users and make them come back again and again. It is true that all technologies have their own strengths and drawbacks, but what Drupal development has to offer is great for starting companies. A wonderful administrative interface, a strong system to implement content types, relationships, roles, permissions and etc. that are practically out of the box features. But a big challenge with Drupal web development is not offering too much quickly, which leads to an unusable and even confusing user experience.

So here is how to make it successful for your startup company:

Identify your users: while creating your website by hiring Drupal developers, the first thing that you should consider

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Why Hire an Expert Web Designer

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To hire a web designer is a vital measure in developing a user-friendly site which attracts customers. According to reports, 83% of individuals visit a business’ site prior to them making any purchasing decisions. In the competitive realm of the web, a standard site won’t hold the attention of visitors. Your site has to be appealing and unique.

You should wisely select your designer. To have an engaging site, you must hire a website designer who knows the dynamics of constructing a competitive site. Below are five things to consider as you hire a designer.

Cost of Employing Your Designer

You probably have heard the statement ‘you’ll get what you pay for’ in your life. The saying is particularly true as it’ll come to employing a designer. Even though your business might have a restricted budget for web design, you should resist the urge to employ a designer based upon price alone. Designers with cheaper rates might save money in the short term. But, the result might be long term dissatisfaction due to your website not attracting and engaging customers. If your business budget is a problem, your objective must be to figure out ways

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Top 7 Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2016

Posted on January 29, 2016 By

Times are changing and so are the ways we do business. Back then, trading meant selling products door-to-door and dealing with people face-to-face. All that has become a thing of the past. The mind-blowing boom of the Internet technology has changed the way of life on this planet. Every business these days owns a website and there comes the need for you to be unique to stand out among your competitors.

We are almost in the middle of 2016 and if not already it’s definitely the time for you to give your site a revamp with trending web designs. Let’s dig in the details:

Personal Branding

Having a personal branding is like holding a statement. It’s stating who you are – blunt and bold. You can help people perceive your vision and mission instead of being speculated and having different opinions about you. It is so important that you spend time and effort building it. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking to make an impact, having a strong brand will do the magic for you.

Video Background

Ask yourself? Won’t you prefer watching a quick video about a product than reading through

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Tips For Creating an Effective Logo Design

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A logo helps in the branding of your business and also helps to express your organizational goal to your customer. A good logo is one which is absolutely suitable, communicative, notable, simple and unique as well. It must have the capability to stay and last longer on a customer’s mind. On the off-chance you think that logo designing is simple, you start should think again. It is actually an important task which you cannot take for granted. It’s because a little carelessness in its design will put a wrong impact of your business on your customer’s mind. The following tips will help you to create an effective logo for your company.

Be unique: A logo helps you to stand apart from your competitors or business rivals, so it must be unique. So, while designing it use out-of-the-box concept and show your creativity in it. However, in the urge of creating it in a unique way, don’t make it so gaudy; otherwise, it is ignored by your customers. For this, you have to understand the taste and preference of your customer.

Understand your brand: Without any doubt, a logo is an introduction to your brand. So, while


More Facts About Free Html5 Resources

Posted on January 5, 2016 By

Designing websites require several design principles which we must keep in mind in order to achieve design excellence. The design must be responsive, it must fit all resolutions, match the latest web design trends and a number of other principles which one must use in order to create awe-inspiring websites. But these principles are not the only thing you need; you must also require design resources with which you may exercise these principles. Free html5 resources can be used as an effective tool to build websites with imposing design layouts. Though you may know about these web resources, we have brought some more facts on the use of the html5-based free modern web design resources in the web industry. Check them out:

Multi-Browser Support without Using Extensions

The growing use of internet technology as a medium of exchange, run a business, spreading thoughts and other purposes seem to have no end. And with this demand comes the parallel increase in the need for browser compatibility to be able to reach a wider audience. By making use of free html5 resources, your websites will get an extensive multi-browser support, meaning, that your website will be visible on

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Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Your Hotel Website

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In the era of digital revolution for any brand it is important to maintain their online presence. The traveling sphere and accommodation industry is no different at all. It has been observed by various researchers that now-a-days most of the travelers are planning their trips online. No matter if they are professionals or passionate travelers, they always find travel planning online easier and convenient. So if you are an owner of an accommodation setup and want to fetch notable business, your online presence is extremely important for you.

However, when every other hotel and accommodation are making their presence felt in the digital world what different you can do with your website that can help you to stand apart from the crowd? What is the key of your success that can take you to experience higher profits? It is true that most of the websites are made to cater all the information of the hotel to the prospective customers and travelers. But most of the website fails in one point. They fail to appeal to the customer. When you are presenting your hotel website you need to not only provide enough information to your client but also

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How Does Hiring a Professional Web Designer Help

Posted on December 10, 2015 By

A website is the online foundation of your business. Expert web designers help to represent your business to the audience in the most conceivable form. This can also be accomplished through pre-designed templates but this might lack the creative uniqueness that you may be looking for to create a lingering effect in the mind of the audience regarding your business. Moreover a large number of skills are required to actually design a website and making it functional up to a professional level.

Fluent in Creative Effectiveness

Professional web designers are very fluent in image selections, unique ideas, user-friendly navigation and its visual presentation in the major internet browsers. With their expertise into practice, a lot of time is saved in the design process considering changes and tweaks down the line with HTML, CSS, SEO, animations and programming languages. They are well aware of the psychology of color and use it to its advantage for the representation of the services rendered.

Limited scope of pre-designed template

In the present market where every business has a website, a lot of effort needs to be invested in establishing a unique factor in your web design. Purchasing a

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